Born into a family of cattle farmers — and a member of the Florida Cattlemans Association and the NRA — Paul is a veteran and a businessman that has made his own way through life by not shying away from hard work. A strong proponent of removing burdensome regulations, standing firm on the 2nd Amendment, and fighting for our Florida farmers and manufacturers, Paul is no stranger to the responsibilities of Florida’s Agricultural Commissioner. As a veteran of the US Army — trained in mortars and mechanized infantry operations with 10 years of Army leadership experience — he’s dedicated his life to serving others and is ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work for the state of Florida.

Together, we will make Florida stronger, and it all starts here.

Standing Strong for Economic Growth

Paul is dedicated to standing up for farmers. By simplifying regulatory atmosphere at multiple levels of our government, we can put farmers in control again. As a self made businessman, Paul understands the importance of operating efficiently.

Standing Strong for the 2nd Amendment

Protecting individual liberties is a job for the government, but first and foremost, it is the job of “we the people.” As a nation of free people, we are entitled to the right to protect ourselves.

Standing Strong against Over-Regulation

Businesses can thrive under less regulation. By limiting the powers of government, our farmers and industry will be able to operate at maximum efficiency and keep their interests at the top of the priority list. Paul will drain the swamp!